The 100th Anniversary Service of the Battle of Delville Wood held at the Flame of Remembrance in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia:
Delville Wood in the Somme is the most famous WW1 battle ever fought by Southern Africa. Through this action other nations learnt to respect the fighting qualities of the brave men from the then fledgling Union of South Africa and of Southern Rhodesia.
SAMVOA WA is deeply grateful for the privilege to also honour the memory of our countrymen, the Immortal Dead of South Africa and Rhodesia, who, at the call of Duty, made the supreme Sacrifice on the battlefields of Africa, Asia and Europe, in the air and on the sea.
Service led by Brigadier Duncan Warren AM RFD
SAMVOA WA Chairman – Veteran Garth Pienaar
Deputy Warden of the State War Memorial – Mr Geoff Simpson OAM RFD
Opening and Closing Prayer by Rev. John Maddocks
Piper – Captain Doug Gillespie
Bugler – Leading Seaman Nigel Barrett
Tribute and Amaging Grace by the Frankston RSL Pipes and Drums Band with pipe solo by Pipe Major Karl Brown.
All video footage by Tim Szewczyk of Lonely Mountain Video.
Brought to you by the South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia

Tribute to Major General (ret) Roland de Vries – 61 Mech:
Roland de Vries’s career bracketed the 22-year South African Border War and is irrevocably interwoven with the machine he helped create — the incomparable Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle — and his beloved regiment, the renowned 61 Mechanised Battalion Group.

Die Kaplyn (with English subtitles) – Bok van Blerk:
A music video by South African singer/songwriter Bok van Blerk about the cutline.

Brothers in arms – Soldiers of the South African Defence Force:
A common misconception about the South African Border War is that it was a war between black and white. The truth is that both black and white soldiers of the South African Defence Force served alongside each other with distinction and bravery. We were brothers in arms.

SAAF Mirage F1 during the Border War:
The South African Air Force flew both the Mirage F1 AZ ground-attack version as well as the radar-equipped Mirage F1 CZ fighter during the Angola Border War.
The first two examples of the first order (48 aircraft, comprising 32 F1AZ and 16 F1CZ) were delivered on 5 April 1975. Both of these F1CZs were transported under a blanket of secrecy by a SAAF C-130 Hercules. In July of the same year, the remainder of the F1CZs were delivered, and 3 Squadron was re-commissioned to operate the aircraft from AFB Waterkloof.

32 Battalion passing out parade – January 1989:
Known amongst friend and foe as “The Terrible Ones” (Os Terriveis) , this reputation was derived from operational successes and from its inception in 1975 until it’s disbandment it was the most feared Unit by it’s foes in Angola and South West Africa.