SAMVOZA is an ex-servicemen organisation comprised of Military and Police Veterans who were called up or volunteered to serve their country, South Africa, in the SADF/SANDF, SAP/SAPS, or the South Africa Prison Services, who completed their commitment and who reside in South Africa, Europe or in countries peripheral to this region.

SAMVOZA has no affiliation to any political or religious organisation and is a non-sexist organisation. Furthermore, these subjects will never be raised or discussed.

SAMVOZA is a single rank organisation with “Veteran” being the only rank. The organisation’s strength will come from veteran membership and comradeship at Club level, and the organisation will take its lead and direction from this membership level. All Veterans will belong to a Club, irrespective of the office they hold, and any Veteran will be able to aspire to serve in any office of the organisation, based on his or her dedication and capability.

SAMVOZA Veterans will participate nationally in recognised Memorial Services and Ceremonies where applicable.
Donations and proceeds from the various sales will go towards assisting SADF Veterans in South Africa and Europe.

Furthermore, the SAMVOZA ideal will be advanced by means of the following:


  • Promote the image of SAMVOZA and the recognition of its Veterans.
  • Promote the image of the SANDF and it’s predecessor, the SADF.
  • Promote the image of the Corps, Regiments and Units within the SANDF and the former SADF.
  • Promote the roll of the Part Time Forces in the defence of South Africa (now known as the Reserve Force Council).
  • Promote the ultimate sacrifice paid by ordinary South Africans in the defence of their country.

Mutual support and brotherhood:

  • Comradeship and good fellowship.
  • Networking to better support each other.
  • Care and support for the aged in the United States of America.
  • Facilitate and encourage the development of Chapters or Branches of Regimental Associations.


  • Recognition of Veterans military contributions by facilitating due process to ensure the just award of Decorations, Medals and awards.
  • The collection and display of suitable militaria as a record for future generations.
  • Other projects as they arise and are ratified by the National Executive.

The SAMVOZA Constitution
Click here to download a copy of the unabridged version of the SAMVOA (SAMVOINT/SAMVOA) Constitution (PDF Format).

South African Military Veterans of South Africa (SAMVOZA) is an affiliate of South African Military Veterans of Australsia (SAMVOA) and South African Military Veterans of the USA (SAMVOUSA); all these organisations fall under the South African Military Veterans International (SAMVOINT) a recognised member of the CMVO.